Favorite fashion bloggers’ Podcasts in 2022

As the world of fashion constantly evolves, so does the way we consume its trends, insights, and insider stories. In 2022, podcasts have emerged as a go-to medium for fashion enthusiasts, offering an intimate and in-depth look into the industry. This year has been particularly exciting, with several fashion bloggers and influencers stepping up to the microphone to share their experiences, advice, and predictions. Here’s a roundup of some favorite fashion bloggers’ podcasts that have caught our attention in 2022.

The Chic Edit

Hosted by renowned fashion blogger Sophia Martinez, ‘The Chic Edit’ dives deep into the latest trends, sustainable fashion, and style tips. Sophia’s candid conversations with designers, stylists, and fashion icons add a personal touch, making this podcast a weekly must-listen for fashion lovers.

Runway Rewind

If you love the glitz and glamour of fashion weeks around the world, ‘Runway Rewind’ is the podcast for you. Hosts Emma and Luca bring you behind-the-scenes insights, designer interviews, and a detailed analysis of runway shows. Their playful banter and expert opinions make this podcast both informative and entertaining.

Style Spectrum

‘Style Spectrum’ explores the diverse world of fashion, emphasizing inclusivity and body positivity. Hosted by body positivity advocate and blogger Jasmine Lee, this podcast invites listeners to celebrate all body types and styles. Jasmine’s empowering discussions and guest interviews make ‘Style Spectrum’ a beacon of positivity in the fashion podcast landscape.

Vintage Vogue

For those who adore vintage fashion, ‘Vintage Vogue’ offers a nostalgic journey through the decades. Host and vintage fashion collector, Rachel Green, shares her knowledge about the history of fashion, tips for vintage shopping, and how to incorporate vintage pieces into modern wardrobes.

Fashion Forward Thinking

Focusing on the future of fashion, ‘Fashion Forward Thinking’ is all about innovation and technology in the industry. This podcast, hosted by tech enthusiast and fashion blogger Tom Clark, covers topics like sustainable manufacturing, digital fashion, and the impact of AI on fashion design.

The Style Startup

Perfect for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, ‘The Style Startup’ offers a unique look at the business side of fashion. Hosted by startup advisor and fashion blogger Mia Henderson, this podcast provides valuable insights on starting a fashion brand, marketing, and navigating the competitive landscape.

Each of these podcasts brings a unique perspective to the fashion world, offering both entertainment and education to their listeners. In 2022, as we continue to navigate through changing times, these fashion bloggers’ podcasts have not only kept us informed but also connected us to the broader, vibrant community of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re a fashion student, a budding designer, or just someone who loves to stay on top of fashion trends, these podcasts are a great way to stay engaged and inspired.

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